Blake's Take: Level Up Your Drums 4 - Multitrack Recording to the DAW

Divide Drum Track and Multitrack Audio Recording to a DAW.
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Tech Talk: YC DAW Integration

Streamline your creativity with the YC Series USB audio/MIDI interface.
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How to use MONTAGE and MODX in a DAW

London-based producer and composer Dom Sigalas shows you how to intergrate MONTAGE and MODX in Cubase.
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Mastering MODX: MODX MIDI Settings Explained

MODX MIDI Settings Explained!
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Mastering MODX: Audio Record on DAW Part II

More on recording audio using MODX, Cubase and your computer. Even if you don't use Cubase you'll want to check out this article for recording tips. 
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Mastering MODX: Audio Record on DAW, Part I

The first of a two-part series about recording MODX audio to Cubase. 
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Mastering MODX: MIDI Record on DAW

Want to setup MODX for MIDI recording in Cubase? This article will get you there. 
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MONTAGE OS v2.5: Using the New DAW Remote Feature in Cubase

Set up MONTAGE as a DAW remote for Cubase!
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