MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: Envelope Follower

Modulate synth parameters with audio.
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Tech Talk: The MONTAGE/MODX A/D Input

Check out the Tech Talks on the MONTAGE/MODX A/D Input.
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Sound Talking, Sound Thinking: MODX A/D Input and Workflow with Scott Brackett

This informative video by Professor Scott Brackett is all about the onboard effects and A/D Input of MODX.
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Moessieurs Mondays: The MONTAGE A/D Input

The A/D Input on MONTAGE is a cool way to bring external audio from a microphone or line input into the Motion Control system. A/D parameters can be controlled with the Super Knob.
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Setting up a Microphone Motif XF A/D INPUT

Setting up a Microphone Motif XF A/D INPUT
Add vocals, guitars, and other sources to your sequences, find out how to setup the A/D INPUT.
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