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FM Synthesis Collection

A curated collection of articles on FM Synthesis.
The FM Synthesis Collection features great articles from seasoned FM programmers. Covering topics from basic to advanced, this collection is great for anyone wanting to know more about FM Synthesis. We'll be adding more to the collection on a regular basis. Check out links below: 

FM 101: Howard Massey's comprehensive primer on FM synthesis is a great place to start for MONTAGE and MODX owners. 
Easy FM: Musician and artist Tobias Leo created this 4 excellent four-part video series on basic FM programming. 
Manny's Modulation Manifesto: Manny Fernandez's series with reface DX unlocks the power of this small yet mighty FM synthesizer.
Manny's FM-Xploration: For those ready to dive a bit deeper into FM Synthesis with MONTAGE and MODX, Manny's FM-Xploration series is a great place to start.
Manny's FM-Xpert: Ready for a more advanced look into FM Synthesis? You're ready for Manny's FM-Xpert.
madFame FM Synthesis: A great source for learning about FM Synthesis. Great DX7 programming tutorial playlist!

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