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Signature Artist Sounds: Michael Feiner

Deep synth sounds for MONTAGE/MODX.

Michael Feiner is a Swedish multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and DJ. Michael has been a member of the international DJ scene over the last twenty years, touring extensively on the circuit, lending his voice and melodies to several classic club tracks and he’s released his own solo material. Michael's recent instrumental release "Moment" features many analog and modular synthesizers combined orchestral and acoustic instruments. The music ranges from epic soundtrack arrangements to ambient textures. It’s a remarkable testament to this diverse and eclectic artist.

Michael is a real synth enthusiast and owns over 100 synthesizers in his collection. He really knows how to program sounds that are engaging and very playable. If you are looking for some great new synth sounds for your MONTAGE or MODX you came to the right place. Go here to get his sounds on Soundmondo, and check out the video playlist below featuring Michael and his Signature Artist Sounds:

SynthBits: Dusting off the Tenori-On
Global Stage: Jens Skwirblies

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