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Signature Artist Sounds: Balázs Neumann

MODX+ sounds by Balázs Neumann.

We introduced you to Hungarian pianist and keyboardist Balázs Neumann in his Global Stage performances. In the videos below, Balázs shares his thoughts on sound creation and a few of his MODX+ Signature Artist Sounds. Best of all you can download his sounds from Soundmondo for free! Check it out:

Balázs shares his thoughts on sound creation for different genres:

Balázs tweaked the original preset Performance “Analog” by changing effect parameters assigning modulation to the Super Knob.

FM the Brass” is a preset Performance, but Balázs added a modulation effect and multi-band compressor to give the sound an extra punch. The Super Knob increases the chorus effect amount.

By editing the rotary speaker effect, adding drive and adjusting EQ, Balázs took the preset Performance “Whiter Bars” and gave it a grittier, meaner sound.

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