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Signature Artist Sounds: Alessandro Scaglione

Check out Alessandro's sounds for MODX+.
“MYNUS LEAD” is a four-Part pure FM-X Lead Performance. The faders let you add an octave, a third and a fifth on the fly, allowing you to play chords with a single finger. The Modulation Wheel controls Filter LFO and the Super Knob controls the Cutoff frequency.

“FOLIAGE PAD” is a four-Part Performance featuring a layered String/Pad combination with a pad in the left hand. There’s also an FM-X Lead with effects in the right-hand, perfect for soloing. The Super Knob controls different effect parameters as well as several Element levels simultaneously.

The five-Part orchestral Performance, “PERSPECTIVE” features Ensemble and Solo Strings with orchestral Brass. The Performance is designed for dynamic and expressive playing. The Super Knob controls the volume of the brass section.

Global Stage: Alessandro Scaglione
Global Stage: Fleurie

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