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The YC Organ Waves

The YC Organ Waves
Within the Reface YC keyboard, there are five vintage organ sounds produced by an Organ Flutes tone generator.  This Combo Organ Sound Engine and its five vintage organ Waves provide a myriad of sound possibilities, allowing for a vast palette of electric organ sounds.

The five organ Waves are:

Sets a distinctive American tonewheel organ sound from the 1960s, characterized by sine-like waveforms that are simple yet warm.  This sound was used in many genres of music, such as rock, pop, and jazz.

Sets the sound of a 60s British transistor organ with a bright and hollow sound. The harmonic content is very close to that of a square wave,  it is notable for highly present tones. This type of organ was often used in psychedelic rock and ska.  For classic sounds, use with the ROTARY CONTROL OFF and add VIBRATO/CHORUS to taste.

Sets the notable sound of a 60s Italian transistor organ with a thick sound and characteristic  sawtooth component boosted in volume. It was put to use in 60s pop music and the alternative pop of the 90s. For the signature sounds, use with the ROTARY CONTROL OFF and add VIBRATO/CHORUS.

Sets the sound of a Japanese transistor organ made in Japan during the 1970s. This organ was known for a bright sound similar to that produced by the sawtooth waveforms of a synthesizer.

Sets the sound of a Yamaha YC-45 transistor organ that was released in 1972. With harmonic content very close to that of a square wave, it was characterized by highly present tones in the high range and extreme sound crushing when distortion was increased.

Below are examples of each WAVE used with a traditional church music excerpt to emulate a pipe organ.  ROTARY SPEED is set to "OFF".  All footages are "all the way out", No CHORUS/VIBRATO, No PERCUSSION, No DISTORTION, REVERB is set to about 60%.  Notice the drastic differences in timbre between all five different WAVE selections.

Organ Percussion
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