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Organ Percussion

Organ Percussion
American tonewheel organs included a feature of "Harmonic Percussion". This was intended to imitate sounds with percussive attacks, like a harp, a marimba
or other mallet played instrument.
The Yamaha Reface YC has a similar feature that has different interpretations of such percussive sounds, depending upon which WAVE setting is selected.

When PERCUSSION is turned on, an accent can be applied to the attack portion of the sound.

A great way to hear exactly what the PERCUSSION feature sounds like, place all of the FOOTAGE volumes at zero (that is, the sliders are moved all the way up) and turn the PERCUSSION feature "ON" using the PERCUSSION [ON/OFF] switch.

At this point, only the percussion sounds will be produced.  The settings "A" and "B" change the pitch of the percussion.
The [TYPE] switch (A or B setting) allows for switching the percussion pitch type. Type A and Type B have different sounds for every WAVE setting.

Below is a list of the different WAVE settings and their corresponding PERCUSSION sounds. You will also find these sounds become more prominent when increasing the sound " length" using the [LENGTH] slider to adjust the percussion sound's release.

                     PERCUSSION  A          PERCUSSION B
WAVE H          A 5th above 4'               Same pitch as 4'
WAVE V          A 5th above 4'               Same pitch as 4'
WAVE F          A 5th above 4'               Same pitch as 4'
WAVE A          A 5th above 8' & 4'        Pitches 8' & 4"
WAVE Y          A 5th above 4'               Same pitch as 4'

Below are audio examples of all of the Percussion sounds listed above.  For the audio examples, in addition to the Percussion setting, I used Footages 16', 8', and a little reverb.


When the [WAVE] knob is set to "H" and PERCUSSION is turned on, regardless of the slider position, FOOTAGE [1'] does not produce any organ tones.

In addition, when notes are played legato with the H-type organ, the volume of the percussion sound decays over those notes. In other words if you are holding down one
note and play other notes, the PERCUSSION sound with not rearticulate until all key are released. This is similar in fashion to the behavior of this feature in an American tonewheel organ.
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The YC Organ Waves

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