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reface CS and DX: Have Yourself a Merry Little Synthmas!

Happy holidays from YamahaSynth! Check out this video and free sounds for reface DX and CS.

Let's revisit this awesome video and free sounds for reface DX and reface CS from Dom Sigalas! Check out the links below the video and happy holidays from YamahaSynth!

reface CS and reface DX owners can download all the sounds from the video direct from Soundmondo! Check it out below. 

Xmas Harpsichord - https://soundmondo.yamahasynth.com/voices/8421
Xmas Music Box - https://soundmondo.yamahasynth.com/voices/8422
Celestial Flutes - https://soundmondo.yamahasynth.com/voices/8423
Xmas Perpetual Bells - https://soundmondo.yamahasynth.com/voices/8424
Xmas Dynamic Bell Pad - https://soundmondo.yamahasynth.com/voices/8425
Xmas Arpeggiate those bells - https://soundmondo.yamahasynth.com/voices/8426
Xmas Heaven Brass - https://soundmondo.yamahasynth.com/voices/8427
Xmas SoftVoice - https://soundmondo.yamahasynth.com/voices/8428
Xmas Spirit - https://soundmondo.yamahasynth.com/voices/8429
Xmas Gnomes Drone - https://soundmondo.yamahasynth.com/voices/8430

Share your ideas and how you used these holiday synth sounds on the Forum here.

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