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Yamaha/Steinberg USB v3.0.5 for Mac

This version supports Mac OS 11 “Big Sur” and Apple Silicon.

This is an important update to the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver (YSUSB) specifically for those running Mac OS 11 “Big Sur”. Additionally, this update supports Mac computers using the new Apple manufactured silicon processors.

You’ll need this version if you:

  • Are running Mac OS 11 “Big Sur”, either Intel or Apple silicon processor, with Rosetta2.
  • Updated to a new computer with Apple silicon (Note that Mac OS versions before Mac OS 11 do not work on Apple silicon processors).
For pre-Big Sur versions of Mac OS, you can continue using version YSUSB driver 2.0.5.

The installation procedure is more involved due to increased Apple silicon-based Mac security features. We’re providing a detailed guide to ensure proper installation.

Download the YSUSB v3.0.5 driver here.

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