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Soundmondo iOS App Login Tips

Tips for people experiencing log in issues on the iOS App.

A few people have reported a login issue with the Soundmondo iOS App. The issue sometimes occurs after creating a Yamaha MyAccount within the Soundmondo App for iOS. This article explains the issue and offers a remedy.

The Soundmondo iOS App is based on the Safari framework. The Yamaha MyAccount login is how users access the Soundmondo server. By default, the Safari browser setting “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” is set to “On”. To successfully login to Soundmondo from the App, you’ll have to disable this setting.

Here is how this issue presents itself. Each time credentials are correctly entered within the Soundmondo app a dialog box appears with the message “Failed to sign-in. Please confirm your username and password”. The dialog box looks like this:

Our development team is working on a permanent fix. In the meantime, there is a solution available that resolves the problem. Here is a step-by-step solution:

1. Go to iOS Settings > Safari.


2. Under “Privacy & Security” you’ll see “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking”. Turn that OFF.

3. Open Safari for iOS and go to “soundmondo.yamahasynth.com.”

4. Open Menu and tap Sign In.

5. Enter your Username and Password and tap “Sign In.”

6. You’ll see the “Sign Out” button on the Menu in Safari confirming that you’ve signed in.

7. Once you’ve signed in to Soundmondo in Safari, you’ll be able to sign in on the Soundmondo app. Open the Soundmondo app, select “Soundmondo Account” and sign in to the app.

8. After you’ve signed in your username will appear next to the “Soundmondo Account.”

That’s it! This remedy should work for all users of the Soundmondo app for iOS.
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