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Blake's Take: MODX+

What’s not to love about the original MODX? Compact, lightweight, affordable. Check. All the AWM2 content, the FM-X engine, all the effects, on board USB midi multichannel audio computer interface, an A/D input and touch screen. Check. Three models for the synthesist (MODX6), keyboardist (MODX7) and pianist (MODX8). Check. MODX became one of the best-selling and most popular synths on the market because it provides great instrument sounds AND deep synth capabilities. And now, let me introduce you to MODX+.

Let’s take a look at what makes up the plus!

Upgrade #1: Increased FM-X Polyphony

The first improvement in MODX+ is 128-note FM-X polyphony, up from 64-note polyphony in MODX. This is the same specification as the flagship MONTAGE. You’ll be able to play more simultaneous FM-X parts without note drop. Preset MONTAGE FM-X Performances with five or more Parts like “The 816 E.Piano 1”, “FM Heavenly Pad” and “FM Square Strings” are more playable, and you’ll be able to sequence more simultaneous FM-X parts without worrying about note drops.

Upgrade #2: Increased Flash Memory Size

The original MODX had a total of 1 Gb of onboard Flash Memory. MODX+ now has the same amount as MONTAGE with a total of 1.75 Gb. This allows you to load more Libraries and custom samples.
A great benefit of this increased memory size is more room for your content. There are three great libraries you can get free for your MODX+:
  • The updated Bösendorfer 290 Imperial Sample Library for MODX+ (410 Mb in size and featuring eight new Performances). Register your MODX+ and get it free!
  • Chick’s Mark V (Chick Corea’s custom Mark V library for MONTAGE weighing in at 401 Mb)
  • The KAPro CS-80 Library (474 Mb of great CS-80 samples and 164 Performances).
The total amount of Flash Memory needed to load all three of these Libraries is 1.29 Gb. While you cannot load all three Libraries into an original MODX, but you can with MODX+! In fact, you’ll still have memory available for more custom sample content.

Upgrade #3: New Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels

MODX+ features the same rubber Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels as MONTAGE, upgraded from the plastic ones on the original MODX. At first glance this may not seem like a big thing, but it is noticeable when playing. The rubber wheels feel more responsive and comfortable, and they just look better!

John Melas Tools Update

John Melas has updated his MONTAGE/MODX tools and now supports MODX+. For those who want a computer-based editor and librarian for MODX+, the affordable John Melas Tools are a great solution. Get this powerful software suite here.

Soundcloud Auditions

Want to hear the range of sounds you can get from MODX+? Check out this Soundcloud playlist highlighting many different Performances. From huge synth pads, leads, comps and basses to realistic pianos, strings, brass and guitars, you’ll find a huge assortment of sounds for any musical genre. Check it out:


New to MODX+? Check out the Getting Started Article Series:

Next you should check out the SynthTips Video Series. Each video is no more than two minutes long and covers topics like Category Search, Loop Recording, Combining Performances, Splits, Layers and much more! 100 videos in total. Check it out here:

For longer videos to help you learn even more about MODX+ check out Tech Talks. Tech Talks are videos featuring the YamahaSynth International team. Any video on MONTAGE and MODX is applicable to MODX+. Check out the playlists below:

We have lots of published article in our Mastering MODX Series. Mastering Series articles are deeper dives into things like FM-X programming, Super Knob assignments, Pattern Sequencer operation, computer connectivity and more. MODX+ operates the same way as MONTAGE and MODX so all the articles in the Mastering Series are applicable. Check it out below:

Mastering MODX Article Series

Stay tuned! There’s more MODX+ content on the way from our amazing Yamaha Artists, content creators and the International Team.
MODX+ Introduction Video
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