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Connecting MX

Here’s a quick start guide for your new MX!


Get connected in three easy steps! The USB TO HOST port connects MIDI and audio from the MX to your computer or iOS device down a single USB cable. The advantage is a single cable solution for audio and MIDI from MX to your computer or mobile device. This allows a multitude of recording and performance possibilities with a single cable. For example:
  • Record and playback MIDI to a computer or iOS device
  • Record MX Series audio digitally to your computer DAW or iOS device
  • Play and monitor computer/iOS audio through MX ’s audio outputs


MX isn’t just a great synthesizer, it's also a great MIDI controller and audio interface. Connecting MX to your computer or iOS device gives you knobs, drawbars, switches for controlling plugins and softsynths as well as a 2x2 audio interface to record audio and MIDI, all in a single USB connection. Best of all you can download a free version of Cubase AI for Mac/PC, allowing you to record MIDI and audio with your MX Series Synthesizer. Go here to get Cubase AI.

The Yamaha-Steinberg USB Driver lets you use audio and MIDI with your computer. Here’s where to get it and how to install:
Download links:

After downloading the file, follow the included installation instructions.



Connect MX ’s USB TO HOST port to your computer’s USB port using a MIDI USB cable. This is often referred to as a MIDI USB Type A to Type B cable.

Software setup for Mac and Windows computers: In the download package above you’ll find a folder called “InstallationGuide” with instructions in multiple languages. This guide describes what it is, how to install/uninstall and tips for troubleshooting. Select the appropriate version and follow the directions as described.

Check out his short video showing MX with Cubase AI:


Connect MX to iOS with the aforementioned USB cable and a lightning to USB or USB C to USB adapter.


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