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Parameter with Voice MOXF

Parameter with Voice MOXF
The Voice sounds different when placed in a PART of a PERFORMANCE or MIXING Setup...
If you want to bring a VOICE into a PATTERN or SONG MIXING setup (or into a PERFORMANCE) as it is setup in VOICE mode, remember to turn the "PARAMETER WITH VOICE" parameter ON first. You may wonder why a VOICE sounds different initially when you place it in a PART (Parts are found in PERFORMANCE mode, SONG MIXING mode, and PATTERN MIXING mode). PARTS, there are four in a Performance, and there are sixteen in a Mixing, are the parameters that are applied to the VOICE - much the same as there are settings on a channel of the mixer when you join a band. The "Parameter with Voice" function when activated will copy many of these parameters that would otherwise be lost. Here's how that works:

From [SONG] or [PATTERN] mode
Press [MIXING]
Press [EDIT]
Press PART Select button [1]
This will allow you to see the parameters for the Voice in PART 01
Press [F1] VOICE
Press [SF1] VOICE
Find the parameter called "P. WithVce"
Highlight this parameter and turn it ON


Now move up and select your Voice, by BANK and NUMBER... by doing so the instrument will automatically copy in the arps and all the parameters listed below:

Parameter with Voice set to ON:
Determines whether or not the following parameter settings of the selected Voice are copied from the Voice to the current Part when you change a Voice for the current Part individually.
• Arpeggio settings
• Filter Cutoff Frequency
• Filter Resonance
• Amplitude EG
• Filter EG
• Pitch Bend Range (Upper/Lower)
• Note Shift
Note: Regardless of the Parameter with Voice setting, the following settings are always copied when a Normal Voice is selected: Mono/Poly, Porta Sw (Portamento Part Switch), Porta Time (Portamento Time) and Porta Mode (Portamento Mode).
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