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Synths 1974: DX1 vs. MONTAGE with Blake Angelos and Katsunori Ujiie (Japanese)

Check out Blake's and Ujiie's comparison of the legendary DX1 to MONTAGE and FM-X.
The DX1 was the ultimate FM Synthesizer of the 80s. This instrument was impressive with the power of not one but two DX7s, a 73-note weighted action with polyphonic aftertouch, Brazilian rosewood side panels and a very cool user interface. Only 140 DX1s were made. The videos below feature Blake Angelos and Katsunori Ujiie comparing this remarkable instrument from the early/mid 1980s to MONTAGE in the COOLEST place ever: Innovation Road!

Katsunori Ujiie's video (Japanese):

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