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Chick Corea’s Mark V for MONTAGE - A Sample and Performance Library

Chick Corea’s Mark V for MONTAGE - A Sample and Performance Library
We’ve updated Chick’s Mark V with Motion Control, a LIVE SET and Audition demos! Best of all…
…it’s available here FREE for all MONTAGE owners!

In 2011, Chick Corea partnered with Yamaha to bring his custom Mark V electric piano to the Motif XF. The updated Chick’s Mark V for MONTAGE takes advantage of the new effects, Motion Control System and overall improved fidelity of MONTAGE. Each Performance comes alive in a very new and creative way! 

MONTAGE expert and Yamaha Music Europe synth guru, Hans-Peter Henkel, had this to say about the new content:

"Yesterday I took the chance to load Chick’s Mark V and I must say that the improvement compared to the MOTIF XF version is really remarkable. Much better!”

We couldn't agree more!  

Check out the video of Chick Corea describing his original Rhodes Mark V and the development of the MOTIF XF version: 

And stay tuned for a follow up article exploring each Performance in greater detail!

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