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MONTAGifying MOTIF Article Series!

MONTAGifying MOTIF Article Series!
The "MONTAGifying MOTIF" article series will show you how to add motion to your MOTIF XS/XF and MOXF sounds in MONTAGE!

MONTAGE OS v2.0 adds direct import of MOTIF XS/XF and MOXF Performances to your MONTAGE. Experiencing those classic Performances through the updated D/A and DSP of the MONTAGE Music Synthesizer is great, but the real magic happens when you start assigning Super Knob control and Motion Sequences to this content. And the ability to add 4 additional Parts to these classic 4-Part MOTIF XS/XF/MOXF Performances (including FM-X Parts!) takes everything to an entirely different level. This is the essence of "MONTAGification" - taking classic MOTIF XS/XF and MOXF Performances to create fresh and inspiring variations using the MONTAGE Music Synthesizer.

The "MONTAGifying MOTIF" article series takes classic MOTIF XS/XF Performances and shows what you can do with them in MONTAGE. Check them out below and see what MONTAGification can do for you!

MONTAGifying MOTIF XF Performances
MONTAGIfying MOTIF: "Dream Ballad"
MONTAGifying MOTIF: "Piano Electro"
MONTAGifying MOTIF: "Chilln' Keys"
MONTAGifying MOTIF: "Neon Girlz"
MONTAGifying MOTIF: "Worship Center"
MONTAGifying MOTIF: "Smooth Guitar"
MONTAGifying MOTIF: "Second Breakfast"
MONTAGifying MOTIF: "Free Fall"
MONTAGifying MOTIF: "Winds and Strings"
MONTAGifying MOTIF: "Altered States"
MONTAGifying MOTIF: "Rule The Earth"
MONTAGifying MOTIF: "Creepn Worm"
MONTAGifying MOTIF: "Tenor to the Max"
MONTAGifying MOTIF: "Smooth It Over"
MONTAGifying MOTIF: A Deeper Dive
MONTAGifying MOTIF: "Dream Ballad"
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