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Connecting MONTAGE M

Connecting MONTAGE M
Here’s a quick start guide for connecting your new MONTAGE M!
MONTAGE M ’s USB TO HOST port connects MIDI and audio to a computer . This bi-directional USB communication offers production possibilities like:

  • Recording and playing back MIDI sequences from a DAW or iOS device.
  • Recording and playing back multichannel audio from MONTAGE M to a DAW.
  • Playing and monitoring the audio output of virtual instruments from a computer or iOS device through MONTAGE M ’s audio outputs.


MONTAGE M isn’t just an amazing synthesizer—It’s a great MIDI controller and audio interface too. Use the knobs, faders, and transport control for mixing audio and controlling softsynths. Additionally, you can record individual MONTAGE M Parts to a DAW as separate stereo tracks. MONTAGE M is also a powerful DAW controller. You can do all this by installing the Yamaha-Steinberg USB Driver. Download the driver for your computer type below:

Get the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver for MAC 
Get the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver for PC

Follow the instructions in the driver download package for installation to your Mac or PC.


Connect MONTAGE M ’s USB TO HOST port to your computer’s USB port using a “type A to type B” cable (the same as most printers use):

Intro mm .7
To connect to an iOS device you’ll need either an appropriate adaptor. Note that you won’t need a driver for iOS devices and the audio connection is stereo only.


MONTAGE M can function as a DAW remote with support for Cubase, Logic™, ProTools™ and Live™. Accessing this feature is a simple as pressing the [DAW REMOTE] button on the front panel (in the red square below):

Intro mm .8
When you configure MONTAGE M as a DAW remote you can use the faders and knobs on the left for volume and stereo panning. The track names appear both in the touchscreen and the Quick Edit screen above the faders and knobs:

Intro mm .9


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Expanding MONTAGE M
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