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Synthbits: Interview with BoBeats and MODX Sound Demo

Meet BoBeats and hear him explore some of the his favorite sounds in MODX!
We had a chance to interview YouTuber BoBeats, the music producer behind this great YouTube channel focused on music production and creativity. We featured his MODX review here last week. This week we have Bo's sound demo of the MODX along with an interview. Check it out below!

YamahaSynth (YS): Where are you from?

BoBeats (BB): I am from southern Sweden.

YS: What is your musical background?

BB: I started making music when I was 12 or 13 using the PlayStation, a game called "MUSIC". After this I quickly moved on to Cubase and a Yamaha RM1X (which I still regret selling!). I worked part time with music for many years but took a break when my university studies were done. I got back into it after a few years and then started my music production & synth focused YouTube channel "BoBeats". 

YS; When did you start your YouTube channel?

BB: I started it in 2015 but I was overworked from many hours at two jobs (a university job and and as a psychotherapist) and wasn't very productive until about 2016. In 2017 I actually quit one of my jobs and started doing my Youtube channel part time.

YS: What type of information would you like to convey to subscribers of your channel?

BB: Someone said I bring a human side to a tech focused community. I guess that is a big driving factor. By being myself I hope to make equipment and techniques accessible. I sometimes pull from my psychology background when talking about a creative issue people are facing. I think this approach is what makes my channel unique. 

YS: What do you like about MODX?

BB: I enjoy the synth architecture a lot! There is just so much depth, flexibility and functionality. I really enjoy the fact that I can slap an arp on just about everything, which makes me look cool when I demo it to my non-musician friends!

Check out BoBeats MODX sound exploration below!

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