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Connecting MODX+

Here’s a quick start guide for your new MODX+!


Get connected in three easy steps! The MODX+ USB TO HOST port connects MIDI and audio from the keyboard to your computer or iOS device with a USB Cable. The advantage? Multi-channel audio and MIDI travel to and from your MODX+ to your computer or mobile device with a single cable. This allows a multitude of recording and performance possibilities. For example:
  • Record and playback MIDI
  • Digitally record MODX+ audio to your DAW
  • Play and monitor computer/iOS audio through the MODX+ audio outputs
  • Play and monitor virtual instruments


MODX+ isn't just a great Synthesizer, it's also a great MIDI controller and audio interface. Connecting MODX+ to your computer or iOS device gives you knobs and switches for controlling plugins and softsynths. For deeper music production requiring separate audio outputs for different instrument types, MODX+ has a total of 10 outputs! This means you can record individual parts on separate audio channels. It’s multi-channel audio and MIDI interface, all with a single USB connection.
The Yamaha-Steinberg USB Driver lets you use audio and MIDI with your computer. Here’s where to get it and how to install:
Download links:
After downloading the file, follow the included installation instructions.


Mac and Windows: The Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver download package has the installer file, and uninstall application, release notes documenting the version history of the driver and a folder called “InstallationGuide”. This features detailed installation instructions in multiple languages. Choose the applicable Installation Guide and follow the installation instructions.


  • Connect the MODX+ USB TO HOST port to your computer’s USB port using a “type A to type B” cable.
  • Connect the MODX+ to iOS with the aforementioned USB cable and a lightning to USB or USB C to USB adapter.


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