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Yamaha Sessions: Blush Response x Merlin Ettore

Check out this cool Berlin-based duo. 
You may remember Blush Response x Merlin Ettore from this killer performance from the Yamaha room at Superbooth 19. Here they are in a video from just before the Superbooth gig. From the video description: "Merlin Ettore and Blush Response’s collaboration sprung out of a desire to find new methods of expression in live electronics. This Yamaha session is a 100% improvised performance that bridges the gap between heavy club music, sound design, experimental noise, and mind bending poly-metric drumming." 

Blush Response plays MODX7 and a 4-voice Eurorack system. Drummer Merlin Ettore plays the Yamaha Recording Custom kit with the EAD10 system.

Check them out below:

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