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Global Stage: Balázs Neumann

Balázs Neumann MODX8+ live performances

Meet award-winning pianist, composer, producer and educator, Balázs Neumann. A multi-genre artist, Balázs has performed with both the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra and the Budapest Jazz Orchestra. Additionally, he can be heard on many different recordings, films and with his own group, the Balázs Neumann Trio.

Balázs visited Yamaha Synth Space Berlin, discussed his musical background, what he likes about MODX+ and recorded three live performance videos. Check it out below!

Balázs Neumann Profile:

Check out the popping groove Baláz lays down with two different clav sounds.

This beautiful string improvisation shows the power of a single MODX+ part.

Check out this soulful EP performance. As he plays, Baláz increases the key-off noise with a fader, engages both chorus and tremolo effects with the assignable switches and brings in a pad at the end. Beautiful!

Intro to reface
SynthBits: Three CS-80s

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