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Tech Talk: The MONTAGE/MODX A/D Input

Check out the Tech Talks on the MONTAGE/MODX A/D Input.
We concluded our series on MONTAGE/MODX effects with a look at the A/D input. The A/D input features the same effect routing possiblilites as a Performance Part, with two insertion effects and real time control. There are practical uses like basic sub mixing for a second keyboard in a live set up, or as a stereo audio input for recording into a DAW or iOS device. In addition to those uses you can process external devices through the MONTAGE/MODX effects system, set up a Vocoder and Envelope Follower and use Audio Beat Sync, the cool feature that syncronizes the internal MIDI clock to incoming audio. We showed these cool uses for the A/D input in the Tech Talks below.

German Edition with Hans-Peter Henkel

Spanish Edition with Álvaro Gandul

Italian Edition with Manuele Montesanti

English Edition with Blake Angelos

Thanks for watching Tech Talk Live Season 1. We'll be back in 2021 with Season 2 with more Tech Talks!
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