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Tech Talk: MONTAGE/MODX Effects for Synthesis

Check out our Tech Talks on MONTAGE/MODX Effects for Synthesis in Three Languages!
In the Tech Talks below we looked at some very unique effect types. In previous episodes we showed traditional effects like reverb, modulation effects like chorus and phaser, digital and analog delays and dynamics processing. In the episodes below we showed esoteric and sound shaping effects for synthesis. We looked at effects with cool names like Spiralizer, Beat Repeat, and Auto Synth, and we showed some great filter and ring modulation effects.

Check out the Tech Talks below in German, Spanish and English!

German Edition with Hans-Peter Henkel

Spanish Edition with Álvaro Gandul

English Edition with Blake Angelos

Mastering YC: Effects
Tech Talk: MONTAGE/MODX Effects for Playing Live

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