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Tech Talk: CP OS v1.4

Check out the Tech Talk Replays on CP OS v1.4 in five languages!

CP OS v1.4 for CP73/88 adds two new pianos, new Sub Section Voices, eight new Live Set Sounds and improvements to workflow. Check out the sessions below with Me (Blake Angelos US), Hans-Peter Henkel (Germany), Manuele Montesanti (Italy), Álvaro Gandul (Spain) and Katsunori Ujiie (Japan).

English Edition with Blake Angelos:

German Edition with Hans-Peter Henkel:

Spanish Edition with Álvaro Gandul:

Italian Edition with Manuele Montesanti:

Japanese Edition with Katsunori Ujiie:

Behind the Synth: Will Wells Chat
Introducing CP OS v1.4

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