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Synthbits - Soundmit 2017: Hans-Peter Henkel on FM Synthesis

Synthbits - Soundmit 2017: Hans-Peter Henkel on FM Synthesis
We are kicking off a special week of tasty bits of Synth - from Soundmit 2017 in Torino Italy!First up is a great demonstration of the realtime control of FM-X in MONTAGE from the synth master Hans-Peter Henkel. All the sounds he is using in this video are entirely produced by the FM-X - underscoring the massive realtime control of MONTAGE. If you like what you hear, be sure to grab the great FM-X sound library "FM-Xperience" from Easy Sounds here, and check out the video below: 

Want to share your thoughts/comments about the video? Join the conversation on the Forum here!

And stay tuned - more Synthbits from Soundmit 2017 to come tomorrow.
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