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Superbooth 19: Rebeca Nayla Live Performance

Superbooth 19: Rebeca Nayla Live Performance
Check out this live performance from Madrid-based keyboardist and composer Rebeca Nayla!
We were honored to have pianist, keyboardist, ethnomusicologist and composer Rebeca Nayla preform in the Yamaha room at Superbooth 19. Rebeca is a seasoned classical pianist who graduated from the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Castilla y León, a music conservatory in Salamaca, Spain. She became interested in electronic music through the sonority of 90's video games and since then, she has surrounded herself with plugins, computers and synthesizers.

Rebeca processes her voice through the MODX A/D input and uses both MODX and reface DX for all the sounds. Check it out below:

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