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NAMM 2020 Tech Talks

Tech Talks are product overviews from our international team of demonstrators. During NAMM 2020 we focused on MONTAGE, MODX, YC61 and CP73/88. Check out all the Tech Talks below.
MONTAGE and MODX Tech Talks

Dom Sigalas shows you how to process external analog sources using the MONTAGE A/D input with the VCM Mini Filter and Wave Folder effects introduced in OS v3.0:

Phil "Bad Mister" Clendeninn on MONTAGE MIDI Settings: 

Dom Sigalas joins Simone and Emanuele from Camelot Pro for a cool connectivity demonstration:

Phil Clendeninn shows you what you can do with MONTAGE and SampleRobot: 

MODX OS v2.0 has some great new effects. Dom Sigalas shows you what you can do with the Extended LFO, Wave Folder and VCM Mini Filter below:

Blake talks about ways to use the Pattern Sequencer in MONTAGE and MODX:

YC61 and CP88 Tech Talks

Blake Angelos focuses on the effects section of YC61:

Tony Escueta shows you the new Voices and features in CP OS v1.3:

It's all about the Keys Section of the YC61 Stage Keyboard in Blake's Tech Talk below:

The YC61 nicely integrates into a DAW. Dom shows how it connects to Cubase and the creative things you can do:

There are some very useful MIDI settings in YC61. Tony Escueta connects an MX88 to the YC61 and shows you what's possible. 

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