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Winter NAMM 2019: Interview with FM-Xpert Manny Fernandez

FM Week continues! Check out our Winter NAMM 2019 interview with Manny Fernandez.
I am so impressed by great synthesizer programming. It is an art, and when you find a sound you love and deconstruct the work of a great programmer you can learn so much. Manny Fernandez is the epitome of a great synth programmer. His FM programming is top-notch and he makes complex things easy to understand in his articles. This is exactly why we asked him to do a reface DX article series and not one but two article series on MONTAGE and MODX FM-X here and here. Check out the interview below, and be amazed at the pure FM-X piano he created with his "component modeling" approach...and just wait until you see founder of FM Synthesis Dr. John Chowning's reaction to this piano in the interview coming tomorrow!

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