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Expanding CP

Here are some ways to expand your new CP73/88 Stage Piano!


Thanks again for purchasing CP73/88 Stage Piano. This guide is designed to help you find resources for expanding your stage piano.


Get the most out of your CP73/88 Stage Piano with OS updates, our “Mastering CP73/88 Stage Piano” series and free sounds at Soundmondo, our social sound sharing network. Best yet, all of these are free! Check out the details below.


OS updates add new sounds and new features to your CP73/88 Stage Piano. You’ll want to make sure you up to date to get the most out of your instrument.

Get the latest OS Version, The Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver and PDF Manuals HERE.

Before you update, back up! Updates add new sounds and wave data and custom Live Sets you have created will be erased. No worries: You can create a Back Up file and restore your sounds after update. Here’s how:

  • Connect a USB Flash Drive to the USB “To Device” port.
  • Press [MENU].
  • Press button [4] or use the DATA knob to select “File”.
  • Press button [1] or uise the DATA knob to select “Back Up File”.
  • Press button [1] or use the DATA knob to select “Save”.
  • Name the file and confirm to save.

Once you’ve backed up it’s time to update. Here’s how:

  • Download the CP73/88 Operating System Updater here.
  • After downloading and unzipping, copy the file “8S89OS_.PGM” file to a USB flash drive that has been formatted on the CP. No other files should be present on the USB flash drive.
  • Power off the CP and connect the USB flash drive prepared in step 1 to the USB [TO DEVICE] terminal of the CP.
  • Power on the CP while simultaneously holding down the [MENU] and [STORE] buttons until the "YAMAHA" logo appears on screen. Do not press buttons other than [MENU] or [STORE] buttons.
  • The CP OS updater will begin with the message "Now loading." and the following screen appears:
Current Ver : *.**.*
New     Ver : *.**.*
[ENTER] : Start
[EXIT]    : Reboot

  • After pressing the [ENTER] button, the following message appears on the screen:

All User memory
will be initialized.
[ENTER] : Continue
[EXIT] : Reboot

  • After the update is completed the following message appears:

Current Ver : *.**.*
Please turn off.

  • IMPORTANT: DO NOT power off or remove the USB flash drive from the CP until the "Completed. Please turn off." message appears. If power is accidently interrupted while running the updater (by disconnecting the AC cord, etc.), the unit may become inoperable. If this happens, run the updater again. If the unit still does not function after doing this, please contact your nearest Yamaha service center.
  • Turn off the CP and remove the USB flash drive.
  • Power on the CP and the update is complete.

MASTERING CP73/88 Stage Piano

Mastering CP73/88 Stage Piano is an article series designed to help you get the most out of your new CP73/88 Stage Piano-series stage keyboard. You’ll find articles on each Section, video overviews, sound demos and more.


Soundmondo is a free social sound sharing service that allows users to discover new sounds, share their own sounds and organize sounds. You can access Soundmondo in the follow ways:

  • On Mac, PC and Android, you can access Soundmondo through the Google Chrome web browser available here. You must use this browser because it has a specific API called WebMIDI that allows you to connect your CP73/88 Stage Piano to the computer via USB directly.
  • iOS users can download the Soundmondo app here. You will need an Apple Lightning to USB Adaptor or USB C to USB connector to connect to your iOS device.

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Signature Artist Sounds: Matt Johnson
Connecting CP

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