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SynthBits: G.Musica Synth by the Baltic Sea

Reface DX by the Seashore.
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SynthBits: G.Musica Synth in the Forest #2

A captivating jam with reface DX.
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SynthBits: Watch Estuera Create a Song with a Single reface CS

Can you create an entire song with a single reface CS? Yes!
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Behind the Synth: Dan Rouse Chat

This week Nate and Blake chat with Yamaha Aritst Dan Rouse.

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Behind the Synth: Rachel K. Collier Chat

This week features electronic music artist Rachel K. Collier.
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SynthBits: Rock Around the Xmas Tree with Rachel K Collier and reface DX

Check out this festive classic with Rachel K. Collier and reface DX!
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SynthBits: Sonicstate reface CS/CP jam!

Sonicstate's Nick Batt jams with reface CS/CP at Innovation Road Studios. 
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reface CS and DX: Have Yourself a Merry Little Synthmas!

Happy holidays from YamahaSynth! Check out this video and free sounds for reface DX and CS.
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SynthBits: JAde Wii LoFi Looping with reface DX

JAde Wii is back with mellow LoFi loops!
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Building a Song on Reface DX

Check out how Anders Enger Jensen made his song "Reface My DX" at Thomann Synth Reactor 2019!
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Anomalie: Off Day Jams in Portland, OR With Reface CS

Check out what Yamaha Synthesizer artist Anomalie got up to on his day off in Portland, OR.
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25 YouTubers in One Place! Thomann Synth Reactor 2019 with 8-Bit Keys (and reface CS!)

Check out this great video from YouTuber 8-Bit Keys about his visit to Thomann Synth Reactor 2019.
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SynthBits: JAde Wii "Sunville"

JAde Wii creates a relaxing soundscape with reface DX.
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SynthBits: Nahre Sol, a Looper and reface CP

Check out the remarkably talented Nahre Sol using a looper with reface CP.
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SynthBits: Zelda Song of Storms Cover With Reface DX

For all you Legend of Zelda fans out there.
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Winter NAMM 2019: reface DX and DTronics DT-RDX

This week is all about FM Synthesis at YamahaSynth! Check out this discussion and demonstration of the reface DX and the DTronics DT-RDX controller.
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Winter NAMM 2019: Interview with Adam Collins (TipTop Audio) and Jason Hale (3DWaves)

Check out this cool reface system!
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Desert Island Kit: Chris Lorenzo on reface CS (DJMag.com)

Check out this short article complete with a great musical examples from the talented producer/remixer/DJ Chris Lorenzo!

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Synthbits: Fugue at the Beach with reface CP and Nahre Sol

Check out this cool video featuring YouTuber Nahre Sol and her reface CP.
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