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Behind the Synth: The CS15 Synthesizer

Blake and Nate explore the small and stout CS15 Control Synthesizer in this week's Behind the Synth Podcast.
Two VCOs, two mulitmode filters, LFO, a noise generator and more! The CS15 was an analog synthesizer produced from 1979-1982. 

yamaha cs15
It is found in the 2nd generation of CS Control Synthesizers along with the CS5, CS10, CS15, CS30 and CS30L. Coming right after the iconic and more expensive CS80 (and CS60 and CS50) and right before the wood side panel models (CS15D, CS20M, CS40M and CS70M), the CS15 was an affordable, nice sounding and robustly built analog synth. Listen to Nate and Blake explore the CS15 in this weeks installment of "Behind the Synth":

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