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Behind the Synth: CS-30 Retrospective

Listen to Nate and Blake get their nerd on with the CS-30 synthesizer.

1977 was quite a year. That's the year a company called Apple Computer arrived, a couple of space probes called Voyager 1 and 2 launched, a movie called "Star Wars" debuted and most importantly the Yamaha CS-30 Synthesizer burst onto the scene.


Nate and Blake explored the CS-30 in the Synth Space and created some sounds from the patch book included with the manual. The episode is below along with some pictures from the Patch Book (illumintated by the cool lavender light of the Synth Space for added effect):

Front Page with trippy Galaxy photo:

Whistles of the Milky Way with Accentuated Bass:

Blue Sky and Sequencer Plus Melody:

It's a Playful Ping-Pong Ball...and a Cry From The Bottom of the Earth:


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