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Behind the Synth: Close The Distance Chat NAMM 2020

Blake chats with Honolulu-based band Close The Distance.
During NAMM 2020 Blake chatted with Close The Distance (formerly EMKE), an Alternative Rock band from Honolulu, Hawaii during NAMM 2020. The group features sisters, Kira (lead guitar/vocals) and Ezri (bass/vocals) Santos, and Payton Sekigawa (drums). Kira, Ezri and Peyton all teach at Hawaii MusicWorks, the family music school, and perform all over the Honolulu area. The Yamaha MODX figures prominently into their sound. "I feel like ever since we got the MODX we've actually been songwriting differently. Usually we write separately and then come together and collaborate on the idea. We actually wrote our song 'Back to Life' together, and it all just started with sounds on the MODX". Check out Blake's conversation with Close The Distance below:

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