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Behind the Synth: Will Wells Chat

In this episode, Blake and Nate chat with Yamaha artist, Will Wells.
Yamaha keyboards have been a part of Will's musical life ever since his mother got him a PSR-190 as a child. His career is a testament to musical skill, technical prowess, work ethic and wonderful personality. Will's credits include Quincy Jones, Barbra Streisand, The RZA & Wu Tang Clan, LMFAO, Imagine Dragons and the hit Broadway musical, "Hamilton". He's an arranger, musical director, producer, multi-instrumentalist and mentor. Will was introduced to the Yamaha MONTAGE on the Imagine Dragons tour. He had this to say: "I didn’t necessarily call myself a synthesist, then the MONTAGE happened and that just blew my entire mind. It is a modern keyboard for the modern keyboardist.” 

Check out our chat with Will Wells below:

Check out his artist page here, and learn more about Will Wells on his webpage and his bio on the Berklee College of Music website. During our chat we referenced this Forbes article that you'll want to check out too, and see Will in this video below introducing the new Yamaha wireless headphone line.

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