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Behind the Synth: Manny Fernandez OS v3.5 Synth Chat

Manny and Nate discuss Smart Morph and MONTAGE OS v3.5.
In this episode of the Yamaha Synth music podcast, Behind the Synth, Nate and Manny discuss MONTAGE OS v3.5 and Smart Morph. Smart Morph enables morphing between FM-X sounds with a sophisticated A.I. algorithm. This algorithm creates an interactive morphing map from up to eight FM-X sounds. You can “play” this map from the touchscreen or use the Super Knob to move between two points. Manny created several Smart Morph Performances and discusses his process and cool results. He plays some of his Performances during the podcast.

"What's neat about Smart Morph is it allows you to do modulations that you cannot do from the already extensive FM parameter menu that you can assign the Assignable Knobs and the Super Knob." Check out the Synth Chat below:

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