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Behind the Synth: Katsunori Ujiie Chat

Blake and Nate chat with Synth Guru, Katsunori UJIIE

Behind the synth showcases the people bringing you Yamaha synthesizers. In this episode: Blake and Nate chat with Tokyo-based keyboardist and sound designer, Katsunori Ujiie. As a sound designer, Ujiie-san has created sounds for many Yamaha Synthesizers including DX, SY, QY, VL, EX, CS, MOTIF and MONTAGE.

Learn more about Katsunori Ujiie on his YouTube channel and at musictrack.jp. Check out his Soundmondo sounds for many different Yamaha Synths and Stage Keyboards here.

MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: Event Delete
Tech Talk: FM-X Engine (MODX)

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