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Behind the Synth: Dan Rouse Chat

This week Nate and Blake chat with Yamaha Aritst Dan Rouse.

Behind the Synth continues our series of artist chats with Dan Rouse. Dan is the Musical Director, Keyboardist and Production Manager for the Village People. He's also performed with Patti Labelle, Jennifer Hudson, Hoodie Allen, and Demetria McKinney. Dan is deeply involved in the Philadelphia music community and mentors other musicians wanting to break in.

In this chat we talk about Dan's background, big breaks and his thoughts on being successful in the music business. His positive attitude and insightful thoughts and observations are great. We even discuss the very cool triple Yamaha MODX configuration he shared on his Instagram page below:


Dan shares his knowledge of being a musician, musical director and manager: 

“If you can’t see a world where it works, then it won’t...Find out what you want to do and find someone who’s already doing that...Real recognizes real...Whatever gig you’re trying to do just know what’s needed."

Check out our Behind the Synth with Dan Rouse below:

Mastering YC: The Organ Section
Music Production Guide Issue 04|2020

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