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Nicholas Semrad on MODX+

Nicholas Semrad shares his thoughts on MODX+.

Yamaha Artist Nicholas Semrad is a unique and deeply musical keyboardist. The sounds he creates are engaging and interesting, but it all comes down to how he plays those sounds. His melodic lines come alive due to a mastery of pitch bend, and his solid harmonic sense comes from a deep study of jazz, soul, funk and gospel. This is why musicians like Cory Henry, Mark Guiliana and KNOWER call on Nick to add his special vibe to their music. In addition to his playing, he is a great sound designer creating sounds for MONTAGE, MODX and the YC Series.

Check out the video below and get to know a little more about Nicholas Semrad and what he digs about MODX+:

Global Stage: Michael Lecoq
Connect v1.2

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