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NAMM 2018: SampleRobot for MONTAGE

NAMM 2018: SampleRobot for MONTAGE
We are excited to announce SampleRobot Pro MONTAGE Edition - an amazing automatic sampling software solution for musicians and sound designers!

Berlin-based film music composer and SampleRobot developer Christian Halten showed the MONTAGE Edition of SampleRobot Pro at NAMM 2018. Christian worked with several music production teams in Los Angeles and recognized a need to quickly create playable sample-based musical instruments and sound effects for film. He created SampleRobot for just this purpose. He continues to refine and develop it for different applications. Check out Christian talking about the new SampleRobot Pro MONTAGE Edition below:

SampleRobot Pro MONTAGE Edition allows automatic sampling from any acoustic or electronic instrument. All sound nuances are captured automatically and a high-quality, ready-to-play MONTAGE Performance is created in minutes. Seamlessly integrated WaveRobot software finds perfect loop points - even for whole multi-samples with different velocity layers - during recording. It was never easier to build professional-sounding emulations for MONTAGE:
sample robot user interface
  • Fully automatic sampling of MIDI sound devices
  • Semi-automatic sampling of sound sources that are not equipped with a MIDI interface
  • Fully automated sampling of VST- and AU-instruments
  • Streamlined and easy to use graphical interface
  • Windows WDM support
  • Core Audio support
  • ASIO 2.2 support
  • Preset manager: over 80 sampling presets for different instruments and situations included; user presets can be created easily
  • Automatic output of velocity, after touch, MIDI controllers, program change to record all sound nuances
  • Non-destructive graphical loop and marker editing with full zoom functionality (including overlapping the stereo left and right waveforms)
  • MIDI monitor
  • Auto functions and user macros for recording format and length, editing, normalizing, fading samples
  • Automatic creation of crossfade loops, backward-forward loops and combinations
  • Auto arrangement and mapping of multi-samples and release-samples including key maps with velocity splits and real time MIDI controller assignment
  • Release-sample support
  • Sampling of Windows audio streams, played by other applications in the background
  • Pitch information read and write (WAV files)
SampleRobot Pro MONTAGE Edition will be available in April, 2018. Best of all: SampleRobot Pro MONTAGE Edition will be FREE for all MONTAGE owners!
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