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Introducing SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition!

SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition has arrived - and it's free for ALL MONTAGE Owners!

If you've ever tried to sample a sound from something like an analog synthesizer using conventional methods, you quickly realize there are many factors to consider. How are you going to sample it? What software do you need? And most importantly: What edits need to be made to the sampled waveforms to create a playable sound?

SampleRobot is a powerful software program that makes creation of sampled instruments and loop libraries easy for you. 

SampleRobot captures instruments and sounds automatically - and creates multisamples in one go. When you start a SampleRobot session, a Project Wizard appears and prompts a few questions like the name of the project, where the project will be saved, the audio interface you are using, the sample rate... and so on. Once the parameters are set the process is automatic: SampleRobot triggers a MIDI note, records the audio of that note, automatically edits the waveform and places it on a key. The process is repeated as many times as defined in the Project Wizard - and all procedures like transmission of MIDI note on/off, program changes, audio recording, naming, editing, crossfade calculation, loop creation, multisample mapping, and export are executed automatically.

Check out the quick tutorial video below to see how it works:

All this power is available for as a free download for MONTAGE owners! Download your copy of SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition HERE!

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