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Imagine if you will, a 2 gigabyte blank canvas where you can install your most desired instrument samples to customize and design the wave ROM that, until now, has been only a dream...or a fantasy.

The FlashROM option for the Motif XF now makes this dream come true, and in a big way! From huge grand pianos to intimate solo strings, big brass stabs to that perfect tinkling bell...everything that you need and more, instantly available at the touch of a button. Background vocals, the perfect loop, sound effects and anything else that might be needed for any situation i.e, live performance, studio production, composing, songwriting, all made possible in a way never before available thanks the the expandable FlashROM and Integrated Sampling Sequencer in the Motif XF. Add now innovative tools like loop remix and groove templates, well over 7000 arpeggio paterns (our create your own) with four independant arp engines, tap tempo and an 8 zone MIDI master cotroller mode and you are just beginning to scratch the surface of what makes the Motif XF the most visible and successful music production synthesizers in use today.

And if you are seeking further inspiration, YamahaMusicSoft has a wealth of sample and voice libraries from dozens of world class developers to further enhanse and expand the Motif XF making it the most supported instrument in its class as well as the most expandable. Next, examine the options for incorporating additional hardware and software into the world of Motif; Advanced integration with the most popular DAW programs and a level of remote control and vitual instrument manipulation unprecedented in the world music production, again just begins to enable a level of music creation and production capabilities available nowhere else. The Motif XF is also the most connectable synthesizer ever created; Stereo A/D input, Stereo (Main) outputs plus L & R assignable outputs, 5 pin DIN  MIDI In/Out/Thru, USB MIDI (5 x 16 ch. ports, USB read/write to storage device (and stereo .wav recording), SP/DIF out, Ethernet, optional Firewire (MIDI x 5 ports and Audio x 16out/6 in) and optional wireless MIDI and audio give you more ways to interface your music to the world than ever. So do your music (and yourself) a favor and experience the most connectable, expandable, programmable, best sounding, expressive,  professional music production synthesizer ever... The Motif XF...you deserve it!

The Flash Advantage

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