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Understanding Performances in the CP4/40

Understanding Performances in the CP4/40
Here is part 1 of my CP4/40 tutorial about performance mode in the CP4/40.  Although I refer to the CP4 in this video, it applies to the CP40 as well since the operation of the two instruments is virually identical.  

In part 1 I introduce the concept of performances, what they are, why they are essential in order to fully understand the instrument and how to utilize performance direct select to instantly recall customized voice set ups.  Part 2 will be coming next month, and I will cover the creation of 4 different performances in detail.  If you have ever wondered how to recall custom voices, splits, layers, and virutally any editable parameter with the touch of a single button in the CP4 or CP40 then this tutorial is for you! 

MOTIF XF Song Import via VST Editor
Motif XS SONG Import to Cubase

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