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The Flash Advantage

The Flash Advantage

A unique, exclusive feature of the Motif XF*, flash memory makes it possible for the first time for you to design your own custom wave ROM. 

Two slots in the Motif XF accomodate two proprieatry Yamaha flash board options - the FL512M and the FL1024M, one-half and 1GB respectivly. Install two 1 GB boards and there will be a total of 2 GB of flash. And because this is rewritable flash mamory, once samples are installed, thay are always instantly available in your Motif - from the moment you power up until you decide to replace it with something else.
The samples you install in your Motif could be from the vast offering of third party content available at Yamaha Musicsoft.com, from the massive free content Yamaha has created and distributed for many years in support of the Motif, or from samples you create yourself, right on the Motif XF or in Cubase AI the DAW software that is provided with each Motif. Maybe its the backing vocals from your latest project, your favorite VST sound converted to Motif, or even that coffee pot in your kitchen that makes a great snare, wherever the samples come from, you can now "roll your own" customized 2 GB wave ROM! Imagine the power of a fully customized Motif XF with 3 GB of sounds (internal, RAM,and Flash) instantly available in your Motif! 
*And now the MOXF features one slot for flash, so the MOXF can be customized with up to 1GB of custom samples...

 For those of you that seek to make the most of the Flash ROM expasion boards that are installed in to the two slots of the XF, the John Melas Wavform editor is a must have. If you want to combine wavforms and voices from different libraries, the ease with which the Waveform editor allows this is nothing short of fantastic. Drag and drop management of waveforms and voices could not be more elegant and easy, and for those of you who have tried to do it from the front panel, the seamless reordering and management of the parent/child voice and waveform relationships only emphasizes the sheer brilliance of John Melas' expert programming skills. 
With the wealth and abundance of sample content now available for the Motif XF (and MOXF) from all the contenet providers worldwide, it is now more necessary than ever to have ways of managing, combining and editing that content. To that end, the John Melas waveform editor and his suite of Motif XF tools are well worth the investment.


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