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CP4 Tutorial Video, Part 1

CP4 Tutorial Video, Part 1
I have just finished part one of my CP4/40 tutorial about the Performance mode in the CP4 and CP40.  Although I refer to the CP4 in the video, it is also applicable to the CP40 since the operation of the two instruments is virtually identical.  Look for part 1 in the Resources section of this site under CP4.
In part one I introduce the concept of performances in the CP4, how they are used, why they are essential to fully understanding the instrument, and how to utilize performance direct select to instantly recall custom voice set up.  In part two (coming next month), I will cover in detail the creation of four different performance set ups: "My CFX" (my custom edit of the CFX piano), "CF Layer" (a layer of the CFIII piano with a string sound), "My Mark II" (my custom edit of the 75Rd electric piano) and "L-Pad/R-Ld" (a split performance with a synth pad sound in the left hand and synth lead sound in the right hand).  Stay tuned for that!
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