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SynthBits: TG55 Presets by Midiverse - TV

Check out how good it sounds in the three videos below!

The TG55 is a rackmount version of the SY55 keyboard. Both instruments were among the first solely AWM synths produced by Yamaha and featured 74 waveforms in a 2 Mb of ROM. It’s amazing how great 2 Mb of ROM can sound! Some of this is due to the dual filters per Voice, LFO and on-board effects. The TG55 is 16-part multitimbral, 16 voice polyphonic with DATA and WAVEFORM card slots for additional content. There are a line stereo out puts and two additional outputs for extra routing possibilities. Pretty cool for a synthesizer released in 1990!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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