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SynthBits: SY35 Sound Demos

YouTube creator Runningonair plays the unique SY35

YouTube creator Runningonair created this cool video featuring the Yamaha SY35 Dynamic Vector Synthesizer. The SY35 was the follow up to the SY22, adding more memory, more sounds and better fidelity. The synth engine featured AWM and FM (128 AWM sampled sounds and two Operator FM Synthesis with 256 FM waveforms), but what made this instrument cool was the cool controller in the upper left corner, the “VECTOR CONTROL”:


This allowed the player to morph the level and tuning of AWM and FM sounds with the Vector Control. This made the SY35 capable of producing cool pads, comps, leads and musical effects. Vector Synthesis came from the mind of synthesizer legend Dave Smith, founder of Sequential Circuits, who first implemented the feature on the Prophet VS.

Check out the video below.

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