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Synth History: VP1 with Dom Sigalas

Synth History: VP1 with Dom Sigalas
Dom Sigalas explores the one of the rarest Yamaha Synthesizers.

The VP1 is an enigmatic synthesizer. Appearing in 1994, the exceptionally rare VP1 used the same VA (Virtual Acoustic) physical modeling technology found in the VL1 but the implementation is different. Where the VL1 models instruments like woodwinds, brass and strings, the VP1 models instruments that are plucked or struck. The description below comes from the owner’s manual:

“The VP1 utilizes an F/VA (free-oscillating VA) sound system — one of the two
variants of the VA approach. The system creates a computerized model consisting of
two modules: a “driver” component and a “string” component. The driver component
simulates the action of the striking system (analogous to the action of a pick or finger
against a guitar string), while the string component simulates the action of the
vibrating system (analogous to the combination of the guitar’s string, fret, and bridge).
The VP1 fine-tunes the properties of each of these modules to produce a virtual
instrument with an extremely realistic sound”

Dom Sigalas experienced one of the only surviving models at the Berlin Synth Space. Check out his exploration of the VP1 below.

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