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Reverbmachine.com: Exploring the DX7

Check out this great overview of the DX7 from reverbmachine.com.
When you land at reverbmachine.com you are greeted with this message: "Welcome to Reverb Machine, I like to explore the wonders of synthesizers and music production." These explorations into the wonders of synthesizers and music productions are very good, and a perfect example is this great overview of the DX7. Check it out here at reverbmachine.com and check out some images below from the article.

A Japanese brochure outlining the DX family from 1983-84:

dx familyA very rare DX7II Centennial edition just like the one we have on display and available to play at the Yamaha SynthSpace!

yamaha dx7 centennial lgThe 2-page DX7 artist testimonial ad from 1984-85:

dx7 performance synth
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