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Synthbits: The Dream Machine

Synthbits: The Dream Machine
This week's Synthbits comes from YouTuber Polyphonic and it's all about the "Dream Machine": the legendary Yamaha GX-1 Synthesizer.

Yamaha released a large analog polyphonic synthesizer organ called the GX-1 at the 1973 NAMM Show. At over 600 lbs, the 3 manual GX-1 is a remarkable keyboard instrument. It features two 61-note keyboards, each controlling dual oscillator 8-voice polyphonic analog synthesizers, a single oscillator analog monophonic lead synth controlled by a smaller 37-note keyboard and a triple oscillator analog bass synth controlled by a 25-note pedal board.  The GX-1 is the epitopmy of hugeness in sound and size with a orginal retail price of $60,000.

Check out this fascinating video on the Yamaha GX-1 (and make sure you check out some of the other great videos on Polyphonic's channel):

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